Recover Images, Videos, Songs and Movies for Android phone or device

android data recoveryIf you have deleted images, videos, songs and movies from your Android phone accidently or unintentionally without any backup files? Then there is a chance to recover them but still one should be careful to protect their device from overwriting if has the desire to recover important files on the android device. There are precautionary steps which should be kept in mind in order to avoid situation mentioned just before.

  1. There should not be any new images or photos, videos taken to the device memory card.
  2. There should not be any new files, movies, videos added to the device memory card.
  3. Apps may create new files, so accessing of apps should be prevented.

Ways to recover files for Android phone

There are two ways by which one can get back deleted files. They are

  1. Deleted files can be recovered from computer if it is able to detect android device as a drive. If not then it is required to recover it with a data recovery program. If computer can read it then it is enough.

Steps to recover for Android with data recovery

  • Connect the device with the computer system.
  • Put the USB connect mode as USB mass storage.
  • It will display details about the device such as device model, serial number and SD card capacity.
  • Click the “start” button to scan device for deleted images or photos, videos, songs and movies.
  • After scanning, all recoverable files are classified into different file types. One can preview images and check the other files one after the other with their file names. Different catalog have all recoverable files, so, if deleted files are found, simply click recover button to save deleted files.

 The other way to recover files for android device is, take out the CF card or SD card from device, attach card to computer system with the help of card reader and then execute CF or SD card recovery process.


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