How to recover deleted data from Kindle Fire HD?

Recover data from Kindle fire HDKindle fire HD tablet is well known tablet among the users who love to read e-newspaper, e-book. Amazon Kindle fire unite e-book and operating system Android 4.0 Ice Cream sandwich. It has come with improved and unique features as compared to prior Kindle Fire devices such as it support memory expandable up to 32GB in which you store lots of e-books and other important data. It also provide access  to TV shows,  magazines, e-books, movies and other various function including games and social media network site.

Nevertheless, Kindle Fire HD has unique features prior to its previous version even then also it has the same issue of data loss. It has become common and acceptable that data can be lost in android device often. If you own Kindle tablet and you have lost any important data from it which you want it back at any cost then don’t worry about it. With the help of Android data recovery tool you can easily recover and restore your deleted or lost data from it. We will know how to recover data from it, but before that let us know what are the possible causes by which we could lose data from Kindle fire HD tablet.

Possible causes are:

  • Accidently or intentionally deletion of data while operating it.
  • If you restore the setting of the tablet with the help of restore factory, then you lose all of your data
  • Formatting of Kindle Fire HD tablet will result in total data loss
  • While transferring data from Kindle fire HD tablet to PC or vice versa, if in between PC or Tablet gets off, then you may face data loss or data corruption.
  • Virus is the major threat to data stored in your Kindle Fire Hd tablet. If connected to infected computer, data may get corrupted.

How to recover deleted/lost data from Kindle Fire HD tablet?

User who uses Kindle fire may have experience data loss and if you are the one from them facing same issue, then don’t feel hopeless. You can recover deleted or corrupted data by two methods first by Amazon backup. If you have purchased e-books, videos, mp3, magazine, games application, etc from Amazon then you can recover them by following below steps:

  1. Push the Home button
  2. Open menu and then go to View Achieved items, now you can see all stuff which you have purchased from Amazon.
  3. Select the stuff which you want back and click on it. You can download the selected stuff from the Amazon’s backup.

But for the users who have not purchased data from Amazon he has its own data which he has downloaded from internet or got from friends and they have lost their all data due any reasons. At such circumstances you can opt for best third party tool for recovering your lost/corrupted data. You can go for professional Android data recovery tool which is designed for recovering data from Kindle Fire HD tablet. It is best and most popular tools used by many Android users. With help of this tool you can recover data like e-books, videos, photos, magazines, applications, songs and many more.


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