The Best Way to Wipe Data & Completely Delete Your Data on Android

android data eraser

With the rise in demand of Smartphone devices more and more smartphone brands are sharply rising like Huawei, ZTE, Meizu and many more. And  some of the well known brands like Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony..etc., are keep on increasing their manufacturing rate. Almost every month a new cell phone is released with latest features and version. By seeing the latest features and model the demand for having a new phone is also increasing day by day which is in result making the user get rid of their old phone.

Well, this is good who doesn’t want to move with the technology. But before you decide to trade, sell or gift your phone make sure that all you personal data are removed from it.

Manually deleting your messages, photos are not enough to protect your data from going into the wrong hands. Just by pressing the delete icon doesn’t mean that the data is gone forever. Wake up guys, nowadays technology is so advanced that those deleted can be easily recovered by the help of recovery program.

Nor by choosing the Factory Data Reset feature on android system can wipe the data permanently from your device.

Performing factory reset actually doesn’t guarantee that your information is gone forever. Whether it’s a picture from your camera, image, file, screenshot, note, text message, contacts, email accounts, app data, whatever that you added to the phone factory reset will only erase that information from the phone but it can recovered.

However if you want to make sure that your information is unattainable after selling or gifting your phone then you can use a data eraser program.

Android Data Eraser, is the professional program which will help you to erase your data permanently from your android device. This all-in-one data wiping tool can provide most reliable and safe wiping solutions can fully wipe your data from your device including pictures, videos,  contacts, call history, SMS, web browsing history, apps and so on. This does it by using the US Military method of destroying data, ensure any data delete from your device is unrecoverable and protect your personal information. It is fully compatible with almost every version of android version running on Android 2.0 to Android 6.0.


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