How to Transfer Apps from Android to another Android?


Android Phones and tablets are very much popular and handy to use. These are very demanding in the market, it is easy to use. Android users are increasing day by day. So here in this article we are going to discuss a very common situation about how to transfer apps from Android to another Android phone.

Suppose if you but new phone and what to transfer apps from your old android device to the latest one. What to do then? You need to again re-download all the apps again. Well this is very frustrating problem and a big hazard.

We may come across such problem when we buy a new Android device and ditch the old one. Since unlike music, videos and photos apps cannot be directly copied from one Android SD card to another. And the re-downloading of all the apps in really waste of time and energy, so to overcome this annoying situation you can make use of the phone to phone transfer MobileGo Android Manager Tool. This is the best tool that is especially designed for transferring apps quickly and conveniently from one Android device to another. This is easy and safest way to transfer all data once without any loss.

Follow the 3 steps to transfer apps from one Android to another Android device

Step 1 – Firstly download and run MobileGo

Very firstly download and run the MobileGo on your computer. This is completely safe so this can be installed freely. And then connect two Android phones with computer by making use of the USB cable. And then one of your Android phones gets displayed on the main window.

Step 2: Select Phone to Phone Transfer feature

This MobileGo contains lots of features; as you only need to copy apps from an Android device to another device so choose the Phone to Phone transfer. And then tick the data before copying, when you need to empty the phone destination for saving the apps.

Please Note: If you are thinking to change the places for the two Android devices then click on the Flip in the middle of the two phones.

Well that’s all by following these steps you can easily transfer apps from one device to another. With is the best tool as with the help of this you can also get the chance to copy contacts, calendar, call logs, music, text messages, videos, photos, games and many more. And in case you don’t want to transfer then just remove the marks from all other items. This is the best tool that not only transfer apps from Android phones and tablets but also helps to move the contents from the iPhone to Android, copy files from Nokia to Android and many more.


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