How to Transfer Data from HTC to iPhone


How you use the brand new iPhone if all yours data are still on the old HTC phone? So you are thinking of transferring data from HTC to iPhone but afraid of losing the data. Then just Relax as here you will get the best solution to transfer data from the android to iOS. This is easy and you can easily transfer entire data like contacts, SMS, music, Photos, Videos, calendar, contacts and many more.

HTC and iPhone belong to two different operating systems and if you have purchased the brand new iPhone and want to transfer data from android to it then this is quite difficult as because of the different OS.  Today Apple phones are the big craze between the iPhone lovers. Apple releases its latest iPhone like iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus that has many great features that are really awesome. Many users who are using android device are crazy to buy the new phone. Since buying is easy but the toughest part is transferring data, so in this cases it is really for the users to use the phone as without the personal data the phone I useless I guess. So, know how to transfer data from HTC to iPhone device

How to transfer Data from HTC to iPhone Device

There are many processes that help in transferring file from android devices to iPhone but all of them are not secure as there might be fear of data loss. One may lose the entire data during transferring. So in these cases you need to go for the third party software. You can make use of WonderShare MobileGo this is the best software that helps to transfer your data from android to iPhone . This is the best option that helps you to move contacts, text messages, music, calendar, videos and photos from HTC to iPhone easily and safely. This is the safest way to transfer data from one device to another. It is the unique software that transfer text messages easily. It support almost every HTC and iPhone devices like HTC One X, HTC Wildfire, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It is easy to use.

But this is not all if you are still having any question about the software the know why to choose the software.

Why Choose Wondershare MobileGo

  • One-click Transfer: This is the best as this help to transfer entire data just by clicking once. You can use single click transfer that helps you transfer entire data from one device to another.
  • Not only Transfer Contacts: This not only transfers contacts but with this you can also copy music, video, photos, calendar and SMS.
  • Cross Phone Carriers: It doesn’t matter when you will move files from HTC to iPhone with same or different carrier(s). It does everything for you.
  • Support More Devices: It works excellent with all android devices and iPhone’s and moreover supports Samsung, iPad, iPod touch, LG, etc.

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