How to Transfer Data from Android to iOS


Are you the one who is looking transfer data from Android device to the latest iOS. This is not easy to transfer data as there are ample chances of losing data. So it a big pain to switch from one platform to another, but Relax, as this has become easy.

Why you need to transfer data from Android to iOS?

Demand for phones are growing day by day many are crazy about the android phones and many of them are iPhone lovers who are just waiting for the launch of the new phone by Apple. Many users are crazy about the new launch for the extra new features as compared to the old devices. There are many users who are crazy about the new features and waiting for the time to buy it. Apple has released its latest phones iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Plus and the new is awesome with some great features. Many users are there who are using android device and also buy the new iPhone.

Well, buying a new phone is easy but switching from one phone to another is quite difficult. As if you are going from android device to iOS device and this might create a trouble as transferring data is not easy. There is always a fear of losing important stuff. Some of them can be transferred by copying all the text messages, photos, videos, contacts from android devices to the latest new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus but there are still some data that can be transferred easily. And due to this problem between the android and iOS, Apple has provided limited rights to manage all the personal files on iPhone 6 that helps in transferring data between Android to iOS.

How to transfer Data from Android Device to iOS?

This is important part when any user buy new phone, so here know the best way to transfer all data easily and most importantly securely. The most simple and effective way to transfer all data from android device to iOS is to go for third party phone to phone transfer software. You can make use of the best WonderShare MobileTrans to transfer entire data from android device to new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S Plus. This is the best tool that easily moves the entire data from iOS to android phone and android to iPhone. With the help of this you can easily transfer text messages also. It is easy to you.

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