How to transfer SMS From Android to Android


Android device users are growing day by day; users are getting crazy about these android devices. There are many users who need to transfer their text messages from Android and want to save them to the latest Android devices. The text is short messages that carry important and impressive memories which is shared between, families, classmates, friends and many others. Transferring SMS from Android to Android in not o easy to perform

Just for example you want to transfer your text messages from your old HTC to the brand new Samsung Galaxy II or to your PC. Since you have saved your contacts to sim but you are not able to see a tab with which you can do this with text. And you have tried all the way to do so but help nothing. There are many players who faced this problem and are unable to do anything as they don’t have any idea to get rid of this situation.

Since this is easy now as everything is changed. There are many tools available in the market that helps to easily transfer anything to other android devices. You can make use of the one and only Wondershare MobileTrans Phone to Phone Transfer that easily copy SMS from Android and save them to another Android device easily with just single click. It also enables you to only transfer SMS and can also move contacts, calendar, call logs, music, apps and videos and many other data.

Here follow the 3 steps that help to copy SMS from Android to Android:

First download MobileTrans and after that follow the given steps.

Step 1: Launch MobileTrans

Very firstly install and then launch MobileTrans on your PC. After doing this, a primary window will appear.

Step 2: Connect your two Android phones to the PC

Then connect your two android phones to the PC through USB cable. And as the phones are connected, phone transfer tool will detect them automatically and the phones will be displayed in places of “Source” and ‘Destination”. If you want to empty the SMD box on your destination phone then mark on “clear data before copy” which is in the lower corner.

Note: If you want to change the places of the two phones, then hit on “Flip” in the middle of the two phones.

Step 3: Transfer SMS from Android to Android

Now you can see all the content can be transferred to the new Android phone. So if want to move only SMS then remove the marks before some other items. And lastly transfer SMS. Hit on “Start Copy” and during transferring try to keep the two Android phones all the time. And as the transfer is completed click on “OK” to finish it.

On the other hand besides transferring SMS from Android to Android, you can also transfer contacts from Android to iOS. it supports more than 3000 devices that includes HTC, Samsung, Apple devices, and more phones. Therefore, it can really satisfy your different transfer needs.


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