How to Permanently Erase Everything on Android Phone or Tablet

android data eraserThe growing concern towards the privacy on Android device kept on increasing sharply. We store most of our important data and asset on it, such as contacts, photos, videos, audio, login details, purchase history, etc… And, obviously, none want those data to be accessed by unauthorized parties. That’s the reason why erasing everything permanently from our old Android device before selling is compulsory

Bought a new Smartphone device to replace your old outdated Android phone or tablet, and you may want to give it away to your family, friend or partner, or planning to donate it, resell it. No matter what you want to do with your old device the most important thing is the data present in it.  You never want to leak your personal data to anyone whom you know or not. So, it’s necessary to erase and wipe out all content and settings from your Android phone or tablet before replacing a new one.

For most of Android users, the built-in factory reset is the most recommended and adopted way to erase data. But there is a hidden bug laid on it. The data erased by factory reset are still available on your device and can be easily recovered with a help of data recovery software. If you don’t take it seriously then Google it. There are numerous data recovery software’s that help you to recover your deleted data from your device. It’s very dangerous to get your data exposed to anyone who are not familiar with. And you have no idea what they are going to do with the found data. May be they can use it to steal your money.

To fully erase everything stored on your Android phone or tablet without restore, you need Android Data Eraser which is a powerful erasing tool designed especially for Android users. To make the deleted data unrecoverable it writes a random of digits to the existing data.  It repeats the process multiple times so none of the data recovery software can recover the deleted data from the device. This tool is supported by 3000+ Android Smartphones and tablets.


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